Solutions for Developers

Ensuring a Smooth Transition from Completion to Handover

“Are you having trouble arranging for the handover of keys for your newly completed site?”

“Need a reputable, experienced & professional Property Manager who can assist in establishing the JMB and managing your building?”

“Would you like us to take the burden off your shoulders so that you can focus on expanding your property development without worrying about the management of your existing sites?”

We Offer Seamless Property Management

Many Developers are faced with the questions above the moment they complete a new property. However, at Le’ Trident, we personally assure you that we are the solution you are looking for. Over the years, we noticed that the Biggest Problems Faced by Developers during the handover period is:

Vacant Possession

Common Area

Handing over of Common Areas from the Main and/or Sub-Contractors for:

We handle JMB formation too

As per the Building Common & Property Act 2007 & the Strata Management Act 2013, a Developer needs to form the Joint Management Body within 1 year of vacant possession.


As such, the Developer is faced with more work like:

Unlike other conventional Property Managers who only take over after the formation of the JMB, we assume management at the infant stage, i.e. from the point of completion of the building.

Hence, we are capable of alleviating the burden of inspection, defects monitoring, handover of keys, day-to-day management of the building as well as the formation of JMB.

Your One-Stop Centre

Vacant Possession

Assisting with the issuance of Vacant Possession Letters

Handing Over of Keys

We have skilled & well-trained people for the process of handing over keys.

Defects Management

Continue to follow up with the defects after the initial inspection until the purchaser is satisfied and all keys are collected.

Contractual Services

We provide skilled and experienced personnel to cater to your needs.

Sales and Leasing

We provide real estate agent services to assist in the sale/lease of your and your purchaser’s units.

Formation of JMB & MC

We are well experienced in BCP & ST Acts and are able to assist in the formation of the Joint Management Body (JMB) or the Management Corporation (MC).

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